Our Philosophy

Each and every member of the WCI-GC team is committed to excelling in
their field and will provide the highest possible service to the tenant.

Our philosophy follows three premises:

  • WCI-GC always provides the Client/Architect with possible alternatives to problems, rather than just questions. Experience indicates that when WCI-GC is faced with an obstacle on a project, it researches the situation and helps the client make the right decision as soon as possible. Thereby allowing the project to stay on schedule.
  • It is a difficult task to put yourself in the client’s shoes. However, WCI-GC is constantly striving to see all perspectives and “the big picture” in a project. By identifying the client’s critical needs, WCI-GC works towards a common goal: customer satisfaction.
  • Teamwork/Partnering; the buzz word of the new millennium. It is, however, the most critical ideal in the commercial construction business.
    Projects are being built faster and more inexpensively everyday, cutting
    costs and time is a reality that only a construction team committed to
    working together can achieve. Teamwork is a reality at WCI-GC.

Chad Holbrook

Emily Rose

Ian McRory

Jeff Perez

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Mark Darsow

Michael Newman

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